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Education Support

Program Code 7374
Program Name Education Support
Description Centennial College is proud to now be offering an online Education Support Diploma Program, which is provincially-recognized training through the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) and is approved curriculum. This intensive program offers the attitudes, knowledge and skills required to work effectively in the area of Education Support primarily with children and youth with exceptionalities. This prepares graduates to work as non-teaching team members with teachers and other professionals meeting students with varied needs.
Admission Requirements 1. Grade 12 equivalency certificate achieved through College academic upgrading including Grade 12 English general (70%) or advanced, C or U;
2. Prior elementary and/or secondary school classroom experience (volunteer or paid). Please provide letters of reference from teachers/principles, on school letterhead with number of hours;
3. Current First Aid certificate and current CPR Level C is required prior to registering for the Orientation and Practicum courses and will be the responsibility of the student to obtain and submit to the college;
4. Excellent oral and written communication skills. English Assessment to be arranged at Centennial at 416-289-5300 or go to;
5. Satisfactory Math skills. A formal written Math Skills test to be arranged at Centennial. Please contact 416-289-5300 or go to to book your math assessment. This must be completed prior to registering for your first course;
6. Excellent interpersonal skills;
7. Basic computer skills (e.g. word processing, data management, internet) or an introductory computer course;
8. A Criminal Record Check is required prior to registering for the Orientation and Practicum courses and will be the responsibility of the student and submit to the Distance Learning Continuing Education office at Centennial College.
Info A minimum of 60% is required to pass a course.
Notes The application and all required documents must be completed and returned to the college for approval prior to registering for your first course. To obtain an information package that includes the Education Support Program Application, please e-mail

Note: COMM160/COMM170 or the equivalent is required to complete this program and is only offered in-class.

Textbooks: Please note that most courses within this program require a textbook, not included in the course fee.
Contact Telephone 416-289-5000 EXT: 52555
Contact Email

Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
CEED-101 Working Safely: Safe Care of Self/Others
CEED-103 Foundations of Education
CEED-104 Personal and Interpersonal Dynamics
CEED-105 Development Across the Lifespan - Developmental Psychology
CEED-106 Cultural Diversity in an Education Setting
CEED-107 Orientation to Schools and the Assistant Role 1 -Placement Prep
CEED-108 Orientation to Schools and the Assistant Role and Seminars 2 (Placement 1)
CEED-201 Computers in Education
CEED-202 Classroom Skills
CEED-203 Exceptionalities 1- Behaviour & Mental Health
CEED-204 Exceptionalities II: Communications
CEED-205 Exceptionalities III - Physical and Multiple Exceptionalities
CEED-206 Communications in Educational Setting 1
CEED-207 Mathematics for EA in an Educational Setting
CEED-301 Adaptive Technology
CEED-302 Learning Strategies for EA
CEED-303 EA Role Practicum A and Seminars (Placement 2)
CEED-304 EA Role Practicum B and Seminars (Placement 3)
CEED-305 Communications in Educational Setting 2
CEED-401 Autism Spectrum Disorder
CEED-403 Life Skills and Job Coaching - Transition Planning
CEIL-862 Intercultural Communication
COMM-160 College Communications 1
COMM-170 College Communication 2
GNED-129 Principles of Psychology
GNED-500 Global Citizenship

Elective Courses

In addition to the mandatory courses identified, please select one elective with a prefix of GNED from the General Education area and one additional elective from below.
Course Code Course Name
CEED-501 Abuse and Family Violence
CEED-502 Racism and Discrimination