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Geographic Information Systems

Program Code 7167
Program Name Geographic Information Systems
Description The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is designed for individuals who plan to use the technology or better their knowledge. This program is designed for individuals who work in fields such as urban planning, civil engineering, transportation engineering, natural resources or business. Individuals build a background in fundamental GIS principles, computer-aided design (CAD), database concepts, and GIS applications in their field of interest.
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Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
CEGI-101 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
CEGI-102 GIS Software - ArcView
CEGI-103 Remote Sensing
CEGI-104 Internet Mapping
CEGI-105 Designing, Managing/Implementing a GIS
CEGI-106 Global Positioning Systems
CEMS-985 Microsoft Access
CEMS-987 Microsoft Access-Advanced