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Program Code 7108
Program Name Purchasing
Description Learn to buy the product or service to meet requirements, have material available at the proper time, secure the right amount, pay an acceptable price, and assist your employer by searching out lower-cost goods and services.
Admission Requirements Domestic Students must be 19 years of age or older to get in to this program. No other requirements are necessary.

International Students should contact our International Office via email at for eligibility.
Contact Telephone 416 289-5000 EXT 3157
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Mandatory Courses

Six courses are required.
Course Code Course Name
CEMG-101 Principles of Industrial Traffic
CEMG-102 Inventory Control
CEMG-103 Fundamentals of Operations Management
CEMG-909 Fundamentals of Project Management
CEQA-401 Quality Concepts
OMGT-221 Purchasing and Value Analysis