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Automotive Service Advisor

Program Code 7080
Program Name Automotive Service Advisor
Description This micro-credential is designed for learners looking to hone their technical and professional skills required to succeed in the automotive service advising industry. In this micro-credential you will be given training in both the technical aspects of the automobile, as well as communication and managerial skills. You will learn the responsibilities of a professional Service Advisor, with emphasis on identifying and maintaining high standards of customer relations. You will also learn basic management techniques including delegating and team building as well as performance measurement, planning for safety and work-related legal aspects of the service industry.
Admission Requirements No Admission Requirements
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Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
CEAM-919 Automotive Service Advisor - Level 1
CEAM-963 Automotive Service Advisor-Level 2

Elective Courses

One Elective is required from ACCT112 or BUSN333 or MKTG116.
Course Code Course Name
ACCT-112 Financial Accounting 1
BUSN-333 Business Culture and Coll. Pract
MKTG-116 Principles of Marketing