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Smartphone Video Production

Program Code 7071
Program Name Smartphone Video Production
Description The smartphone we use everyday is a powerful storytelling tool that allows you to shoot, edit and distribute professional, broadcast quality video content. Smartphones can create film-quality videos, and attention-getting stories. All it takes is a simple software ad-on, and some creative training.

Typically, you need a DSLR kit or a dedicated film camera to produce movies. Only those cameras would allow you to creatively compose shots and scenes, and control light, colour, motion and depth. Not anymore. Learn how to take a fairly one dimensional (smartphone) video camera and turn it into a Swiss Army knife-filmmaking tool.

This three course micro-credential teaches the essentials of video storytelling, and how to shoot and edit video for a range of uses. The program is perfect for creative communities, entrepreneurs, students, kids and film-makers. It is particularly invaluable for business. Brands that need to create communication and social media content can now own that creative process.
You'll learn to shoot like a cinematographer, to properly exploit ambient light, to record and capture clean audio, and generally: to use all the creative and aesthetic capabilities that are added to your camera with the software add-on. Then you'll learn to manage and organize what you've shot, and edit it into creative content.

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Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
SVPR-111 Intro to Smartphone Filmmaking
SVPR-112 Smartphone Production Tools
SVPR-113 Smartphone Post-Production