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Program Code 2906
Program Name Bookkeeping
Description This Program is comprised of both theory and computer applications. You should have access to and familiarity with computers. If you achieve a grade of 65% (C+) or higher in each course, you may also qualify for exemption with the Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping (CIB), leading to a career as a professional bookkeeper.

Student must complete 1 GNED course

Please note certain exemptions may be subject to time limits.

Admission Requirements Domestic Students must be 19 years of age or older to get in to this program. No other requirements are necessary.

International Students should contact our International Office via email at for eligibility.
Notes Before qualifying for certification/designation students must complete the academic program and have obtained three years of practical bookkeeping experience.
For more information, please visit the CIB Website at

Please note that Program 7052 will no longer be available. Program 7052 has been replace with Program 2906 - Bookkeeping as of September 2016

Students have 5-7 years from the start date to complete the Program

Contact Telephone 416 289-5000 EXT 2320
Contact Email

Mandatory Courses

Student must complete 1 GNED course
Math and English assessment is required, please call the Assessment Center to make an appointment at 416 289-5000 EXT 2598
Course Code Course Name
ACCT-112 Financial Accounting 1
ACCT-150 Small Business Software
ACCT-221 Financial Accounting 2
ACCT-222 Management Accounting 1
ACCT-226 Taxation 1
ACCT-228 Accounting Microcomputer Applications 1
COMM-160 College Communications 1
COMP-106 Applied Business Software 1
COMP-126 Applied Business Software 2
HRMT-318 Payroll
MATH-119 Mathematics of Finance 2