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Court Support Services

Program Code 2470
Program Name Court Support Services
Description The Court Support Services program at Centennial College is all it takes to gain a broad perspective of the many roles in this field.

Part-time Learning focuses on a real world, hands-on practical approach that sees you learn through courses that incorporate:
•Career-oriented assignments
•Mock trials
•Regular attendance in family, criminal, small claims and municipal court settings
•Attendance at various tribunal hearings
•Work experience

Because the field will require you to interact with judges, lawyers and other courtroom personnel, you gain an understanding of Canadian law and how the courtroom clerk functions in civil, criminal, tribunal and family law settings.

If you enjoy getting your courtroom fix from TV shows, it is time to put down the remote and join the action by attending the Court Support Services program
Admission Requirements Mature Student status (19 years and older)
Notes Students have 5 years to complete the Program
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Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
CTSS-101 Court Clerk Crminal - OCJ/YCJ
CTSS-102 Communications -
CTSS-103 Court Clerk - Family 1
CTSS-104 Court Monitor 1
CTSS-106 Practicum 1
CTSS-111 Court Clerk - Family 2
CTSS-112 Court Monitor II
CTSS-113 Clerk/POA
CTSS-114 Practicum 2
LAWS-111 Introduction to Canadian Law
OAGN-115 Introduction to Word Processing
OAGN-116 Word Processing Applications