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Business Administration - Accounting Advanced

Program Code 2405
Program Name Business Administration - Accounting Advanced
Description Centennial Colleges Business Administration - Accounting Advanced program, students will learn that accounting is about more than crunching numbers. Its about setting up a business for success.
This offering combines rigorous training with quality courses to help you develop the strong fundamental skills needed for a career in accounting. You will become adept in Financial Accounting, Corporate Finance, Management Accounting, Auditing, Taxes and relevant suites of software

Program Highlights
• This program will build the strong skills foundation you will need to pursue a professional accounting designation.
• A team of professors with strong academic backgrounds, deep subject matter expertise and extensive business and management experience teach the courses.
• Small class environments that offer a leading-edge information technology infrastructure will maximize the learning experience.
• Many classes will be taught in a lab environment that is fully equipped with an integrated network of computer systems.
• Your transition into the workplace will be made easier by training in industry standard accounting software, including QuickBooks and ACCPAC for Windows
Admission Requirements Domestic Students must be 19 years of age or older to get in to this program. No other requirements are necessary.

International Students should contact our International Office via email at for eligibility.
Notes MATH and English assessment is required

Please call the Assessment Center to make an appointment at 416 289-5000 Ext 2598
Contact Telephone 416 289-5000 EXT 2320
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Mandatory Courses

Two mandatory General Education (GNED) elective courses

Students who score less than 36/45 on Math Assessment will be required to take MATH 128 or MATH 118, then go on to take MATH 119
Course Code Course Name
ACCT-112 Financial Accounting 1
ACCT-150 Small Business Software
ACCT-221 Financial Accounting 2
ACCT-222 Management Accounting 1
ACCT-224 Corporate Finance 1
ACCT-226 Taxation 1
ACCT-228 Accounting Microcomputer Applications 1
ACCT-256 Intermediate Accounting 1
ACCT-257 Accounting Information Systems
ACCT-322 Management Accounting 2
ACCT-331 Auditing 1
ACCT-332 Auditing 2 (External)
ACCT-334 Corporate Finance 2
ACCT-336 Taxation 2
ACCT-356 Intermediate Accounting 2
ACCT-357 Accounting Systems 2
BUSN-225 Intro to Research Methods and Data Analysis
BUSN-325 Intro to Research Methods and Data Analysis 2
BUSN-331 Business Law
BUSN-333 Business Culture and Coll. Pract
BUSN-350 Business Ethics
COMM-160 College Communications 1
COMM-161 College Communication 1 (ESL)
COMM-170 College Communication 2
COMM-171 College Communication 2 (ESL)
COMP-106 Applied Business Software 1
COMP-126 Applied Business Software 2
ECON-205 Principles of Micro Economics
ECON-206 Principles of Macro Economics
GNED-500 Global Citizenship
HRMT-300 Organizational Behaviour
HRMT-301 Human Resource Management
MATH-119 Mathematics of Finance 2
MKTG-116 Principles of Marketing