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MLPAO (Medical Laboratory Professionals Association of Ontario) Courses

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Program Name MLPAO (Medical Laboratory Professionals Association of Ontario) Courses
Description This is series of one in-class and six online courses (5 available, 1 under development for future release), designed to help you achieve success on the Medical Laboratory Professionals Association of Ontario (MLPAO) Certification Exam.

Online Courses: These fully-online, self-paced courses will allow you to understand the subject matter at your own pace to ultimately gain a solid understanding of the content.

For further understanding and enhancement of the knowledge presented, it is highly encouraged to obtain these helpful resources from MLPAO: MLPAO MLA/T Competency Guidelines and/or Acts and Regulations Reference Guide for MLA/Ts (for purchase).

Thank you to MLPAO and Centennial College for working in partnership in creating these courses.
Notes Click on each course to view course details, and to register.

Please note that the MLPAO refresher courses have been grouped together on this page, for your viewing convenience. The courses do not comprise a certificate program, and therefore do not lead to a certificate, upon completion.

Medical Lab Courses (ECG and Phlebotomy workshops) are grouped together on a separate page. Please copy and paste the following address in your browser window, to view these courses:
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Elective Courses

Course Code Course Name
MLPA-110 Professional Practice
MLPA-120 Laboratory Safety and Equipment
MLPA-130 ECG, Phlebotomy, & Specimen Management
MLPA-140 Hematology, Transfusion Medicine and Chemistry
MLPA-150 Anatomy and Physiology
MLTP-100 MLPAO/CSMLS Prep (Medical Laboratory Technician)