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Integrating Process Based Visual Arts

Course Code SCHS-100
Course Name Integrating Process Based Visual Arts
Category Child & Family Studies
Description Process based visual arts is a type of art making that doesn't rely on any particular skill and doesn't focus on the end product. It can help relieve stress for all ages, help children and adults communicate their thoughts, increase creativity, improve problem solving skills and promote play. Process based visual art can easily be included in educational settings, hospital settings and recreation settings with a few modifications to program planning and curriculum.

The seminar will look at best practice to help students integrate process based visual arts into their curriculum and program planning. Students will also discover why the visual arts are healing and therapeutic. The content of this seminar will include: The types of arts programming, the psychology of art making, types of art materials and a look at case studies of different populations. Students will receive a certificate of completion for their portfolio.
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