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MIDI, Programming and Synthesis

Course Code RECA-340
Course Name MIDI, Programming and Synthesis
Category Media, Arts and Design
Description This course will cover the common methods of Synthesis (with a strong focus on Subtractive
Synthesis), MIDI, and editing methods used in the creation of popular music.
Upon successful completion of this course the student should be able to:
Synthesis & Sound
- Understand what gives a sound its Timbre
- Understand the harmonic series and how it relates to synthesis and instruments
- Understand the fundamentals of common synthesis methods: additive, subtractive, FM,
physical modelling, wavetable and granular synthesis
- Operate and understand the internal elements of a subtractive synthesizer
- Operate and patch a modular synthesizer (such as Eurorack)
- Analyze common subtractive synth sounds heard in popular music and have an
understanding of how to build a similar sound
- Understand the principles of digital recording, binary and how this all relates to 'Sampling'
- Understand how samplers work to create realistic sounding virtual instruments
* MIDI & Programming
1. Understand the history, fundamentals, limitations and modern use of MIDI in a home and
professional music studio
2. Apply the most commonly used MIDI editing methods to aid in your music production
3. Operate Virtual Instruments
4. Apply common editing techniques while sequencing: Quantize, CC manipulation, note and
velocity editing
The above skills and concepts learned can be applied to the most common DAWs and are
taught in-class using industry standard Pro Tools Software.
Notes Co-requisite: Digital Audio Music Production with Protools RECA339

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