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Digital Audio Music Production with Protools

Course Code RECA-339
Course Name Digital Audio Music Production with Protools
Category Media, Arts and Design
Description Digital Audio Music Production with Pro Tools introduces the digital audio software used by many audio professionals in North America.

This course provides an overview of the production process, the basics of studio setup, digital editing and signal manipulation using Pro Tools software. Essentially, it examines basic editing, recording audio, using MIDI and basic mixing.

You will complete assignments in recording signals into Pro Tools and applying fades, mixing audio files using Pro Tools, and editing and mixing audio files and bouncing to disk using Pro Tools. There is also a practical exam, a final exam and five tests that measure your knowledge of what makes up the Pro Tools System, getting started with audio and basic editing, recording audio, using MIDI and more editing as well as basic mixing.

Completing Digital Audio Music Production with Pro Tools, you will know how to:

• Identify the hardware components of a Pro Tools system;
• Organize sessions and data in Pro Tools;
• Identify and operate Pro Tool's most basic windows;
• Create, open, play and close a session;
• Recognize the main sections of the Edit window and how to customize them;
• Recognize the basic layout and functions of the Mix window;
• Access the Big Counter and System usage windows;
• Set up and customize inputs, outputs, inserts and buses;
• Create audio, aux input and master fader tracks;
• Import audio into a Pro Tools session;
• Play sessions in different ways;
• Work with Pro Tool's basic editing tools;
• Use processes such as cut, copy and paste to create arrangements;
• Set up a click track;
• Use punch-in and punch-out recording and other recording options;
• Route MIDI and audio signals in order to work with synthesizers in Pro Tools;
• Record and edit MIDI data;
• Work with the specific layout and function of the Mix window;
• Use fader groups;
• Use file-based and real-time effects;
• Work with traditional mix routing;
• Use basic automation techniques;
• Use a master fader;
• Bounce to disk in a CD-ready format;
• Back up sessions efficiently;
• Import and use movie files.
Notes Prerequisite: Digital Audio Recording for Music RECA-222
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