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Digital Audio Recording for Multimedia

Course Code RECA-222
Course Name Digital Audio Recording for Multimedia
Category Media, Arts and Design
Description Digital Audio for Recording Music highlights the nature of sound and the process of digitizing audio and playing it back.

Through a number of editing tasks that use digital audio software, you will master digital editing, audio manipulation and the use of DSP effects. Topics include tape-based digital reporting, hard disk editing, on-screen editing, basic editing tools, advanced DSP editing tools, building a home studio and more.

Additionally, you will complete tests that measure your knowledge of physical properties of sound, measuring audio, sound pressure level, loudness and analog, digital theory, and file formats, codecs, Podcasts and streaming.

Once you finish this course, you will be adept in:

• Identifying the properties of sound;
• Differentiating between loudness and sound pressure level;
• Digitizing sound waves;
• Editing and manipulating digitized sound by using various DSP tools;
• Encoding digitized sound using various codes.
Notes Strongly Recommended: Basic PC knowledge
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