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Advanced Audio Engineering & Music Mixing

Course Code RECA-204
Course Name Advanced Audio Engineering & Music Mixing
Category Media, Arts and Design
Description Advanced Audio Recording for Music requires you to use the knowledge you obtained in Intro to Audio Recording as well as the recording you completed in that course to learn about the mixing process.

You will learn a variety of techniques that include mixing to stereo and multi-channel formats. Advanced use of dynamics processors, effects processors and equalizers is also explored. During your time in the course, you will mix down different versions of assigned songs.

There are a number of tests, including mechanics and styles mixing, overall approach, elements of a mix; balance, arrangement elements, level setting methods and panorama; frequency range, EQ methods, magic frequencies and adding effects; dynamics, compression and gating, compression as an effect; setting the compressor, interest; monitoring and the master mix. You will also complete a practical exam.
Once you complete Advanced Audio Recording for Music, you will know how to:

• Identify various styles of professional mixing;
• Identify the different arrangement elements contained in a song;
• Determine how to start mixing a song;
• Determine how to pan an element in the sound field;
• Identify the specific frequency ranges of common elements used in multi-track recording;
• Equalize each element contained in a multi-track recording in a professional manner;
• Sonically layer effects and calculate delay times;
• Determine if compression is necessary;
• Professionally set a compressor and gate, and use them as effects;
• Professionally create interest in a fully mixed multi-track recording;
• Set up a basic monitoring system to mix a multi-track recording.
Notes Prerequisite: Intro to Audio Recording for Music RECA-203 or equivalent
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