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Project Communication

Course Code PMGT-703
Course Name Project Communication
Category Business
Description A project manager's ability to share their knowledge, skills and innovation is entirely reliant on their ability to present their ideas clearly and effectively. Project managers who can express their ideas well, and use their communications skills to coordinate their teams effectively, remain highly valued by all high-functioning organizations. Contemporary globalized organizations expect our graduates (their future employees) to express their valuable input verbally, in writing and via a range of social media tools and technologies, some of which are still emerging into common usage.

A valued project manager is also one who is able to understand, evaluate and synthesize the information that is presented by others, regardless of the format or mode (verbal, written or via electronic means) used. Listening, reading, comprehending and effectively integrating new information is a key aspect of being a project manager who adds value to a fast-paced organization.

A globalized organization is a diverse organization and this presents a number of challenges to any project manager who is presenting important ideas to supervisors and co-workers. Learning how diversity can have an impact on the presentation and reception of ideas is another key component to becoming an effective project manager.

This course will build on your existing presentation and communication skills and challenge you to take your written and oral skills to a more professional, contemporary level, that can be applied in a project management context.
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