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Purchasing and Value Analysis

Course Code OMGT-221
Course Name Purchasing and Value Analysis
Category Business
Description Purchasing and Value Analysis will offer a well-rounded introduction to purchasing (industrial buying) and related supply chain activities.

Aside from its focus on the procurement of materials and reducing total costs, the course will also look at:

• The role of a buyer in an organization;
• Developing purchasing policies and procedures;
• Describing product quality;
• Developing procurement plans;
• Negotiating prices;
• Building good supplier relationships;
• Reducing material costs by applying value analysis techniques.

Additionally, institutional purchasing will be briefly mentioned in the Purchasing and Value Analysis course.

Through the use of tests, a term project and other teaching tools such as assignments, case studies, in-class work, group work, quizzes, participation and attendance, you will gain the ability to:

• Describe the importance of purchasing and supply chain function in an organization and develop the objectives of a purchasing department;
• Prepare the detailed policies and procedures used in the purchasing function;
• Describe quality of materials and interpret material specifications;
• Research and locate sources of supply (vendors), do pre-buying vendor evaluation and prepare a vendor rating plan;
• Apply pricing principles and obtain fair prices using negotiation and/or competitive bidding techniques;
• Value analyze products to reduce costs and improve quality, and to implement a value analysis program in a company;
• Appreciate the computer technology associated with the purchasing cycle;
• Discuss and describe the implications of global supply.

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