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Health Care Terminology 1

Course Code OAME-236
Course Name Health Care Terminology 1
Category Business
Description Medical Terminology 1 is the first in a series of courses that will focus on helping you to build a vocabulary of common medical terms utilized in secretarial and/or clerical and clinical duties within a hospital, medical clinic or private doctor's office.

With emphasis on terms related to the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the integumentary, digestive and the respiratory systems, you will be taught though lectures and discussions, group work, films and audio CDs.

During your time in Medical Terminology 1, you will partake in class assignments (including one that will require you to produce a final copy of a chapter assignment related to the integumentary, respiratory or digestive system), weekly spelling quizzes and tests on the chapters studied during the duration of the course.

As a result of partaking in the Medial Terminology 1 course, you will gain the ability to:

•Correctly define, pronounce and spell common medical terms;
•Recognize the importance of breaking down medical words into components;
•Effectively use word roots, combining forms, suffixes and prefixes in forming related medical terms;
•Correctly build and analyze medical terms and their derivatives;
•Identify the correct terms for use within the context of various medical reports and correspondences;
•Modify common medical terms to apply basic rules of grammar, capitalization, expression of numbers, abbreviations, plurals and possessives;
•Employ a medical dictionary and other medical resources in defining, pronouncing and spelling medical terms correctly;
•List and describe the function and structure of components of the integumentary, digestive, and respiratory body systems;
•Identify and explain medical procedures and pharmacology related to the various body systems studied.

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