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Machine Transcription

Course Code OAGN-127
Course Name Machine Transcription
Category Business
Description The Machine Transcription course will pick up where Intro To Word Processing and Transcription Techniques 1 left off by teaching you to apply proofreading, editing and transcription techniques to produce accurate general business documents using word processing software.
As with the previous courses, this offering will continue to develop your transcription skills to progressively increase production speed and accuracy through methods of instruction that will include lectures, demonstrations, lab exercises and production practice.
Quizzes included in Machine Transcription will focus on spelling, grammar, proofreading and punctuation. During practical exercises, meanwhile, you will be expected to transcribe an audio file within a specified time frame.
Upon completion of this course, you will have the know-how and skills to:
•Transcribe handwritten, verbal, and digital audio files of dictated business documents and apply spelling and advanced rules of grammar, punctuation, capitalization, expression of numbers, abbreviations, plurals, possessives, compound words and word usage;
•Produce accurate, final-form documents within specific deadlines;
•Define and implement business vocabulary;
•Interpret and accurately follow verbal and written instructions;
•Determine suitable formats for documents, using appropriate word processing features;
•Prioritize transcription assignments and meet deadlines.
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