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International Marketing

Course Code MKTG-332
Course Name International Marketing
Category Business
Description International Marketing will expand concepts from introductory marketing courses and place them into a global business context.

Particular attention will be devoted to the demands placed on international marketers to effectively respond to the shifting forces of globalization. As such, you will learn the key variables the make international marketing a more complex and challenging task than domestic marketing.

The course will begin with an in-depth look at the impact on international marketers of various elements in the foreign external environment. It will then examine methods for the selection of foreign markets for entry as well as the means of entry. The last third of the course will focus on the development of effective international marketing strategies.

A major course component will be a term report that will enable you to apply the learned material to a real-world marketing opportunity. You will also work on individual assignments that will help you to develop an understanding of global marketing and international trade.

Once you complete International Marketing, you will be able to reliably demonstrate the ability to:

•Apply the principles and concepts of domestic marketing to the international marketplace;
•Identify international marketing opportunities and threats via an analysis of external environmental variables, including international trade and economic issues, cultural and social forces, the political and regulatory climate, and global competition;
•Analyze strategies for foreign market entry;
•Develop appropriate marketing strategies, including target market identification and marketing mix decisions, which take into consideration the dynamic global environment;
•Develop an international marketing plan.
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