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Management Information Systems

Course Code MGMT-322
Course Name Management Information Systems
Category Business
Description MGMT 322 Management Information Systems is a fifth semester course, taken by students
enrolled in the three-year Business Administration - Management program. The course is
intended to expose students to the latest technology being used in the management information
systems departments of leading firms and to provide the students with a clear understanding of
the structure and functioning of contemporary management information systems. The course is
delivered in both a regular classroom setting and in a computer laboratory. The course places a
strong emphasis on information technology applications in the context of the contemporary
business enterprise. Every week, students undertake one case analysis and one analysis using
spreadsheets (or a similar exercise) in addition to their structured discussions and study of the
textbook's materials. Topics covered in the course curriculum include information technology
infrastructure and support systems, data management, network management, information
technology security, e-business and e-commerce, mobile computing, Web 2.0 and social media,
operational planning and control systems, enterprise information systems, business intelligence
and decision support systems, strategic planning for information technology, business process
management, and systems development. Throughout the course, the current practices in
management information systems of leading firms in a variety of industries are highlighted in
support of the conceptual presentations of the textbook.
Notes Completion of the first four semesters of the program
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