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Lighting Design for Professionals

Course Code LITE-201
Course Name Lighting Design for Professionals
Category Engineering Technology & Applied Science
Description This course is designed for Professionals to enhance their knowledge in the field of lighting design. This field has developed significantly over the last few years, including the demand for professionals to understand the dynamics of lighting design. To meet the human lighting needs, a lighting designer must understand the architecture, environment, economy, regulatory context and more. A lighting designer must have knowledge of the physical characteristics of light, how light works in space, the human visual system and its effects on health, and how lighting can be controlled optically and predicted and measured photometrically.

This Course is designed for those who intend to extend and fine-tune their competencies in-line with the most recent technological and scientific discoveries, and innovations and uses. The course is designed so that no prior knowledge of electrical and lighting design experience is required. However, a basic understanding of how lighting and electrical system work is recommended.
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