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World Systems: History, Geopolitics and Culture

Course Code INTL-304
Course Name World Systems: History, Geopolitics and Culture
Category Business
Description Explored in History, Geopolitics & Culture will be the world of the twenty-first century via the systems of history, geography, economics and culture across the major world regions.

Through in-class assignments, for which you will be expected to read the assigned materials from the course textbook and other sources before class; take home exercises and two tests, you will develop an appreciation of the complexity of these systems and of the systems' significance in shaping the current geopolitical landscape.

Additionally, the History, Geopolitics & Culture course will cover the:

•Interconnectedness and interdependence among world systems, their implications for globalization, and, in turn, the implications of globalization for future world developments;
•Importance and relevance of world systems for global business managers;
•Ways in which a knowledge of the global environment enhances and constrains business opportunities, offers guidelines for successful business relationships, and sets one of the foundations for career success.

Once you complete your studies, you will be prepared to:

•Describe the forces of history, geography, economics and culture in today's world;
•Explain how these forces shape the process and pace of globalization;
•Articulate, via the use of real-world examples, how the past informs current and forecasted world developments;
•Analyze the interconnectedness and interdependence of the world's regions from a variety of perspectives;
•Evaluate how world systems generate opportunities and threats for global business;
•Develop a set of culturally sensitive approaches to creating profitable business relationships in the global environment.
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