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Photography: Working Creatively With Multiple Speed Lights

Course Code IMAG-800
Course Name Photography: Working Creatively With Multiple Speed Lights
Category Media, Arts and Design
Description Introducing artificial light can be done in studio as well as on location. An External Flash has always been an added tool in difficult and low light situations but you can also be using it creatively.
By incorporating multiple speed lights and speed light modifiers for portrait and/or product photography, triggering all lights at the same time in TTL or Manually with a radio slave light a Pocket Wizard you can build a creative portable lighting studio anywhere, indoors or outdoors without the need for an external power source. Then add your personal creative touch.

If you're a mid-level amateur or an emerging part time/full time professional then this 8 session course will take you to the next level of working with multiple speed lights creatively. This course can be enjoyed by someone new to flash and a more advanced flash user. The professionally trained photographer-instructor will guide you through the process.
This is Working Creatively with Multiple Speed Lights.
Notes Student Requirements:
A DSLR and a suitable lens (50mm or 18-135 but to a long telephoto lens. e.g.: 200mm fixed) that has Master or Commander mode in the flash menu. At least 1 external speed light compatible with your DSLR. A formatted memory card in your camera. A fully charged battery in your camera. Extra batteries for your speed light. A tripod is suggested as well as a laptop but not mandatory.

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