Payroll HRMT-318

Course Code HRMT-318
Course Name Payroll
Category Business
Description Payroll Administration is an introductory course into Canadian payroll administration, in the context of human resources management.

Through the undertaking you will become familiar with essential topics such as payroll and labour standards, calculations of gross earnings, pensionable, insurable and taxable earnings; non-statutory withholdings from payroll, calculations of net pay, employer payroll taxes and premiums, and more.

The Payroll Administration course will require regular attendance as success is directly related to participation and completion of assigned in-class course work.

Once you complete the offering, you will be prepared to:

•Determine if a worker is an employee or self-employed contractor;
•Calculate payroll earnings and deduction for employees;
•Identify taxable benefits, allowances and the impact on payroll withholdings;
•Demonstrate an understanding of the basics of payroll manual and computerized information systems;
•Identify and administer statutory, legal, company compulsory and voluntary payroll deductions;
•Prepare a payroll register and payroll journal entries;
•Prepare a record of employment and demonstrate knowledge of filing requirements;
•Prepare year-end reporting;
•Calculate premiums for Workers Compensation Insurance and payment timing;
•Calculate employer's health tax payments;
•Ensure compliance with employment standards legislation;
•Describe employer obligations when an employee's employment is terminated.

Notes: Required course for the following outside certifications: CIB

Notes This course has replace CEHR 942 - Payroll Administration
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