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Design Process - Digital Imaging (Part-time)

Course Code GMD-101
Course Name Design Process - Digital Imaging (Part-time)
Category Media, Arts and Design
Description This course focuses on structure and application of design process in problem solving.
Students will learn skills to apply all stages of process to identify design problems and find effective solutions. Students will research content of virtual and client-oriented projects introduced during the program, generate ideas for these projects and develop them into strong graphic images through concept, multiple-solutions, and refinement. Topics on design history and communication in cultural/historical context are incorporated in this course. Students will use a combination of drawing methods together with principles of design and composition to conceptualize their ideas and develop effective communication. They will apply basic knowledge of design principles in evaluation of design work. This approach enables students to recognize the importance of design process and problem solving.

All assignments include verbal, written and visual component presentation.
Course content is delivered through lectures, in-class discussions, critiques and assignments.
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