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Gas Technician 2 (G2), Part 1

Course Code GAST-201
Course Name Gas Technician 2 (G2), Part 1
Category Engineering Technology & Applied Science
Description This course provides education in the natural gas and propane heating field. You will acquire knowledge of the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) fuel code G2 regulations as described in the B149.1-15 and B149.2-15 gas codes. Coursework will include theory and lab training as you learn to maintain, size, select and install gas-fired equipment.

This course will cover the following TSSA Gas Technician Certification Training Modules: Module 10 (Advanced Piping and Tubing Systems), Module 11 (Basic Electricity), Module 12 (Controls), Module 13 (Building as a System), Module 14 (Domestic and Non-Vented Appliances), Module 16 (Domestic Gas Fired Refrigerators), Module 21 (Space Heating and Decorative Appliances), and Module 23 (Forced Air Add-On Devices).
Notes Admission Requirements:

You must present the following required documents in the first class:
1) Current Gas Technician 3 License
2) Photo ID

Registration Requirements:

You must register for both courses comprising Gas Technician 2, in two consecutive semesters, as follows:
1) Gas Technician 2, Part 1 GAST 201 - offered in Summer 2022 - register now!
2) Gas Technician 2, Part 2 GAST 202 - will be offered in Fall 2022 - Please note that courses for the 2022/2023 academic year (which runs from Fall 2022-Summer 2023) will be scheduled and available for registration, by the end of July or early August 2022. Please check back and register at that time, after you receive a passing grade in the prerequisite course, GAST 201.

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