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Developing a Business Plan

Course Code ENTP-331
Course Name Developing a Business Plan
Category Business
Description The central focus of the Developing a Business Plan course will be on teaching you how to create a detailed business plan from the testing of an idea and mapping trends and opportunities, to finding target customers and establishing financing.

You will experience and consolidate the competencies, attitudes and resources required for the pursuit of different entrepreneurial start-up small business ventures. Strong emphasis will be placed on marketing research, sales forecasting and preparation of pro forma financial statements.

Developing a Business Plan will include online quizzes, presentations, case analysis based on marketing and finance, group assignments, business plan preparation and more.

The offering will provide you with the know-how to:

•Assess identifiable small business opportunities based on industry research;
•Interpret gathered market and industry research using relevant analysis techniques;
•Integrate functional areas of a new venture start-up business plan using previously learned business skills;
•Prepare a formal, comprehensive business plan for a new business venture;
•Integrate sustainability and environmental (green) business practices into relevant aspects of the business plan;
•Present the business plan, in a variety of formats, in a coherent and organized manner.
Notes Please note this course replaces SMAL 331.

This course is offered in both CE and Distance Learning formats.
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