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Professional Communication within a Health Care Context 1 (ESL)

Course Code ENGL-125
Course Name Professional Communication within a Health Care Context 1 (ESL)
Category English
Description Course Description
This course allows students to review and practice core language skills using real-life materials and situations within a health care context. This course is offered as a micro-credential or a co-requisite course so that students will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge about language form and structure to genuine situations and contexts. This health-related, theme-based, communicative course will be delivered integrating the four skill areas.

The minimum final grade requirement of this course is a C.

Course Learning Outcomes
The student will reliably demonstrate the ability to:
1. listen to and reproduce pre-recorded information (5-7 details) and follow (1-5 minute) health-related instructions and directions from authentic listening contexts;
2. summarize factual details and inferred meanings, and identify tone in work-related directives and requests;
3. describe, report or narrate health-related information;
4. take part in simple discussions using health-related vocabulary and idioms;
5. decode procedures, descriptions and vocabulary in a one-to-three page moderately complex text;
6. accurately record simple information (5-8 points) received orally or visually, and write short descriptions of health-related issues; and
7. complete a variety of simple forms in written or electronic format.

Evaluation Scheme
1. Speaking Assignment 1: Pair presentations in which students summarize information, present it to the class, and answer questions related to their topic.
2. Listening Assignment 1: A take-home assignment in which students watch a health-related video and summarize and record specific information.
3. Reading & Writing Assignment 1: Students read an authentic health-related text and answer comprehension and vocabulary questions in class.
4. Listening & Speaking Assignment 2 - Mid Term Evaluation: Group presentations in which students synthesize health-related information and present it to the class. The audience records specific information during the presentation.
5. Reading & Writing Assignment 2: Students read a health-related text, summarize the information into a form, and answer comprehension and vocabulary questions in class.
6. Listening Assignment : Students watch an authentic, instructional, health-related video and record specific information into forms and written answers.
7. Reading & Writing Assignment 3: A take-home assignment in which students read and listen to a health-related text/video and summarize the information into poster form.
8. Portfolio Assignment: An out of class assignment in which students interview subjects on a health-related topic while taking notes; summarize the information into a paragraph; and write a self-reflection piece on the portfolio process.
Notes Use of Dictionaries
• Any dictionary (hard copy or electronic) may be used in regular class work.
• English-Additional Language (e.g. English-Chinese) or Additional Language-English (e.g. Russian-English) dictionaries may be used in regular class work.
• Dictionaries may be used in tests and examinations, or in portions of tests and examinations, as long as they are non-electronic (not capable of storing information) and hard copy (reviewed by the invigilator to ensure notes are not incorporated that would
affect test or examination integrity).
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