IMS 200 - Basic Incident Management System EMCW-100

Course Code EMCW-100
Course Name IMS 200 - Basic Incident Management System
Category Health Professionals
Description This provincial certification course is designed for individuals potentially involved in implementing IMS at simple incidents or during the early phases of a complex incident. Participants will solidify their knowledge of core principles and concepts of incident management functions and organizations. You will apply the foundational knowledge and core concepts gained from IMS 100 through the use of presentations, group work and simulations. By the end of this course you will be familiar with the application of the command system in a simple incident, as well as the creation of incident action plans. You will gain knowledge of incident facilities, resource management and communications as they apply to an incident.

Course topics include: IMS concepts and principles, IMS standard; leadership and management; delegation of authority and management by objectives, functional areas and positions, briefings, organizational flexibility, incident action plan, best practices and simulation.

FORMAT/ DURATION: two days in classroom course over a weekend at Morningside Campus. The course is facilitated by the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management: Emergency Management Ontario (EMO) certified instructors.

Successful completion of the IMS 200 Incident Management Course may be a prerequisite for some other courses offered by EMPSI as part of their continued education courses and certificates.

Contact Information: Richard Kichlea, EMPSI Director at 416-289-5000 ext. 8373;

All working professional but not limited to in the field of disaster, emergency and business continuity management, existing and aspiring working professional, senior and mid-level managers, coordinators, practitioners, front and first line responders (police, fire, paramedics), information management / IT professionals, health professionals, health and safety, security, property managers, social services, risk management, communication/ public relation, human resources, finance, insurance and Canadian and International humanitarian organizations.
This course will benefit all individuals with extensive, direct or indirect responsibility for disaster, emergency management and business continuity management, organizational and community resilience.

PRE-REQUISITE: IMS-100 - Introduction to Incident Management System. IMS 100 is available online through the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management: Emergency Management Ontario e-learning portal, a self-directed e-learning course. You will be required to open an e-learning account at EMO and take this course as a pre-requisite to registration. The IMS-100 is provided through an online format and will require up to four hours completing. The e-learning portal can be accessed as follows:

CERTIFICATE: Provincial Emergency Management Ontario (EMO) Certification.

Contact Telephone 416-289-5207
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