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Introduction to Analytics

Course Code DTCM-201
Course Name Introduction to Analytics
Category Media, Arts and Design
Description Introduction to Analytics offers a basic understanding of how to read and interpret data when it is presented in reports, dashboards, or analytical tools to tell stories. It offers 12 online synchronous sessions that introduce students to basic data terminology. It introduces a variety of analytics tools but predominantly focuses on Google Analytics to analyze details about the online behavior of visitors on your website. It provides valuable insights that can help you to shape the success strategy of your business. It also introduces you to a variety of social media measurement platforms but focuses on Hootsuite to take you through the social media processes listening, analyzing and reporting. This course also dwells on topics such as data ethics and data governance to raise awareness that data is used in a trustworthy manner without being misused. The course will also teach basic elements of design to help in graphically displaying insights from data in a comprehensible way. These are skills that we envisage as data fluency--fundamental analytic skills to read, explore, and visualize data.
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