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Social Capital and Macro Change

Course Code DSCE-203
Course Name Social Capital and Macro Change
Category Community Services
Description This course will explore the ideas of Social Capital; a term that summarizes the value (tangible and intangible) of the relationships in our lives, and how it is closely associated with healthfulness, happiness and life expectancy. It also discusses macro change, that is change on a broader, structural level and its impact on individual outcomes for people with disabilities or those who are otherwise marginalized. Students will develop strategies, actions and clear examples of how building interdependent relationships create a more formidable route to community success. Building on the constructs found in sociology and anthropology, the student will complete the capstone project by creating and implementing a focused and cogent plan for change. This final course of the program will also have students prepare for work in the field by engaging in self-evaluation and identifying an ongoing learning and self-development plan.
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