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Introduction to Data Science

Course Code DASC-001
Course Name Introduction to Data Science
Category Information Technology & Computers
Description Data science unveils hidden findings from raw data by understanding relationships between variables and observations, and drawing inferences and predictions to make smarter and more informed decisions. To introduce you to the subject matter, this course will employ the R programming environment, built on data analysis, statistics and data visualization. You will first learn installation and configuration of R, introduction to version control system Git, Github, how to create a Github repository, basic markdown, reading and writing data in R, installation of R packages and functions, error handling, object-oriented programming, debugging, profiling and benchmarking. The course will then explain how to create essential data visualization tools -- one of the most powerful ways of drawing conclusions from the data. Overall, you will become familiar with three basic plotting systems in R: the base graphics system, the Lattice system and the ggplot2 system.
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