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Cybercrime: Regional and International Legislation

Course Code CYBR-103
Course Name Cybercrime: Regional and International Legislation
Category Distance Learning
Description This micro-course is aimed at professionals, board members, C-suite or corporate executives and employees who are responsible for governance, policy and compliance roles from a variety of different sectors based in Canada, United States and Europe. Professionals need to understand how various cyber threats can affect their organization. This micro-course covers the concepts of cybersecurity and privacy and focuses on educating both analysts and decision-makers on the various compliance, enforcement and policy aspects of governmental regulations in Canada, the United States and the European Union. After taking this course, both participants and the entire organization, including the value-chain, will be able to do their due diligence with respect to governmental regulations, and take the necessary steps needed to close any gaps in order to practice good cybersecurity governance and compliance.

Upon successful completion of this micro-course you will be able to:
• Outline record keeping guidelines used for security breach incidents or regulation compliance.
• Identify regulations and legislation related to privacy of personally identifiable and personal
health information.
• Describe breach notification principles and what they are used for.
• Identify the key points of Canadian, US and European legislation.
• Explain the Fair Information Principles.
• Explain which legislation is substantially similar in Canada, US and Europe and their scope of effect.
• Explain who oversees Canadian, US and European compliance and what their duties are.
• Describe the penalties for non compliance in Canada, US and Europe as well as provincial,
regional / other frameworks / regulations from Canada, US and Europe.

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