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Cybersecurity and the Healthcare Sector

Course Code CYBR-102
Course Name Cybersecurity and the Healthcare Sector
Category Distance Learning
Description This micro-course is aimed at professionals, board members, c-suite or corporate executives and employees who are responsible for governance, policy and compliance roles. Professionals need to understand how various threats can affect their organization. This micro-course focuses on educating both employees and decision-makers about the technical and human threats posed on the internet and how they work, how to mitigate them and how it can affect your organization. This course uses the healthcare industry as its focal point to keep the context consistent. It will also enable professionals to work with their entire staff to from line employees to the c-suite to give them the preparedness they need to mitigate social and technical cyber attacks. After taking this course, organizations will be able to better understand cyber-risks and take the steps needed to mitigate or prevent cyber breaches.

Upon successful completion of this micro-course, you will be able to:
• Identify statistics related to security breaches i.e. the Threat Landscape.
• Explain the consequences of cybercrime events and the potential impact to an organization.
• Outline five common pervasive cybersecurity threats and how to guard against them.
• Describe data breach scenarios and common features between them.
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