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Cybersecurity and the Internet

Course Code CYBR-101
Course Name Cybersecurity and the Internet
Category Distance Learning
Description This micro-course is aimed at professionals, board members, c-suite or corporate executives and employees who are responsible for governance, policy and compliance roles. Professionals at all levels from Analyst to C-suite need to understand the importance of cybersecurity risk management and possess the basic tools to work with the technical teams and manage employee training. This micro-course focuses on educating both employees and decision-makers about effective cybersecurity, governance and cultivate an understanding of the cybersecurity threats to their organization. It introduces professionals to cybersecurity governance and the potential breach events. It will also enable professionals with the knowledge tools to be able to interface with their technical teams and cyber-risk frameworks for their organization. Professionals will become part of the cybersecurity defense system of the organization using theory and policy without needing an IT discipline.

Upon successful completion of this micro-course, you will be able to:
• Explain what cybersecurity is and who is responsible for general awareness and safeguards.
• Identify five common cybercrimes and preventative considerations for each.
• Explain what a threat actor is and describe four types.
• Explain the difference between a cyber breach and a cyberattack and what to do before, during, and after each of them occurs.
• Explain cyber warfare in terms of the player and the impact on society.
• Outline the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain applications and how they impact cybersecurity.
• Describe how artificial intelligence relates to cybersecurity.
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