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Practicum 2

Course Code CTSS-114
Course Name Practicum 2
Category Business
Description Students will attend field observations that provide a foundation for the material that will be taught throughout the program. The field observations stress appropriate courtroom dress and decorum, so students are well prepared for their respective venues. Students will complete a variety of required observations in courts and court administrative offices (where provided by the employer) to apply the theoretical knowledge and skills they are learning in the program. This course has a strong practical component, and the ongoing field observation component is essential to success in the program. Assistance and direction will be provided to students to ensure that field observations are appropriate to the curriculum and address the needs of the program. This course will also establish a framework for ethical decision-making and conduct. It is essential in a legal environment to understand and meet legal, ethical and professional obligations and expectations. An emphasis of this course is to examine a Code of Conduct for Court Support Staff.
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