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Community Services Capstone Project

Course Code CSCE-105
Course Name Community Services Capstone Project
Category Community Services
Description Course Description:

This final capstone course will integrate the knowledge and skills you have acquired throughout the community services management program. You will be coached and guided by a community services manager to help you complete this final project. Through the process of reflecting on your current leadership practices, identifying a community services project, and following through to apply lessons learned and implications for practice, you will be able to apply a rigorous approach to other leadership contexts and issues that you encounter.
Notes Each course will be six weeks each and taught using a flipped course model and delivered online. A zoom call will be scheduled once a week on Saturdays 8:30am for two hours.

Course Learning Outcomes:
1. Reflect on personal and professional strengths and areas for improvement as a leader
2. Develop an action plan to complete a community services project using knowledge gained throughout the program
3. Consolidate learning from the community services program to reflect on future areas of practice
4. Work collaboratively with a community services organization to complete a project that reflects leadership skills

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