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Thriving in Crisis and Change

Course Code CSCE-104
Course Name Thriving in Crisis and Change
Category Community Services
Description Course Description:

Working with vulnerable community members requires the ability to effectively manage crisis situations. This course will focus on leading a team through crisis as well as helping a team anticipate and de-escalate crisis situations. Topics relating to self-care and stress-management strategies will also be explored. The second half of the course will cover how to address change. This will include dissemination strategies, building team resilience, and change management including how to engage employees during a time of change.
Notes Each course will be six weeks each and taught using a flipped course model and delivered online. A zoom call will be scheduled once a week on Saturdays 8:30am for two hours.

Course Learning Outcomes:
1. Identify types of crisis staff may be facing in the field in order to develop a crisis management strategy
2. Explore effective coaching and mentoring techniques to help a team thrive in times of crisis
3. Analyze unique needs of team members including how to identify when there is burn out in order to anticipate and promote self-care and stress-management strategies
4. Explore types of organizational change and change management strategies in order to understand implications for teams
5. Develop an action plan for disseminating sensitive information to teams by helping to build resilience and contributing to employee engagement practices

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