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Resource Development

Course Code CSCE-103
Course Name Resource Development
Category Community Services
Description Course Description:

Resource development in the community services sector is essential for organizations to thrive. This course will explore key concepts related to generating funding for not-for-profit organizations, including through government and corporate grants. Students will learn how to create and present proposals and identify funding opportunities for not-for-profit organizations as well as draft a grant to apply for funding. Volunteer management will also be explored as a key resource in any community organization. General funding expectations will also be covered, including program planning and program operations, and marketing and outreach strategies to grow and develop program outcomes. Students will be able to perform essential accounting functions for small to large organizations, and engage in effective operational budgeting strategies through case studies and other assignments.
Notes Each course will be six weeks each and taught using a flipped course model and delivered online. A zoom call will be scheduled once a week on Saturdays 8:30am for two hours.

Course Learning Outcomes:

1. Explore funding strategies that enhance community organization's financial sustainability
2. Identify program planning strategies and key components to operating a program in small to large size community organizations
3. Prepare a funding proposal that incorporates key financial strategies and decision making
4. Review and analyze strategies for raising funds from individuals, corporations, sponsors and foundations
5. Identify strategies that meet and exceed funding expectations including effective marketing/outreach strategies, relationship building and communication skills, program planning and operations, and adhering to reporting and documentation procedures
6. Explore volunteer management strategies that leads to successful volunteer engagement

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