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Human Resources

Course Code CSCE-102
Course Name Human Resources
Category Community Services
Description Course Description:

The course will provide an overview of human resources functions within the community services sector. It will introduce students to human resources application and how it relates to organizational strategies and goals. Topics that will be explored are recruitment and selection, employment law/labour relations, working in a unionized versus non-unionized environment, employee development and evaluation, health and safety and challenges in the workplace. Students will have the opportunity to connect with professionals in the field as well as examine cases that have real life applicability to the workplace environment.
Notes Each course will be six weeks each and taught using a flipped course model and delivered online. A zoom call will be scheduled once a week on Saturdays 8:30am for two hours.

Course Learning Outcomes:
1. Demonstrate awareness of human resources functions through making critical decisions as related to organizational goals
2. Identity employment laws associated with hiring, termination, disputes, etc. in a unionized versus non-unionized environment
3. Define performance management and the areas for implications
4. Discuss the purposes and importance of employee rights
5. Explain how legislation affects occupational health and safety in today's environment.
6. Examine the purposes and importance of labour relations and collective bargaining
7. Explain the recruitment process including the legal and ethical practices that must be considered for effective recruitment
8. Discuss human resources practices with a human resources professional that works for a community service organization

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