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Workplace Health Systems

Course Code CONF-324
Course Name Workplace Health Systems
Category Health Professionals
Description This two-day workshop will include a detailed examination of the seven steps of Health Canada's WHS Model for Workplace Health Promotion, highlighting the compelling elements of each step and their overall value as a vehicle for enhancing organizational capacity. The seven stages of the model include: how to gain commitment for workplace wellness; how to form a wellness committee and in what way the committee drives the next steps in the model; the needs assessment (what data can be collected, how to analyze the data); how to examine the analyzed data and teasing out key trends/issues (what is the data telling us, what can we extract from this data?); how to make recommendations from the analysis of the data for planning programs/initiatives in the workplace ( how this data then informs future program planning efforts); how to create an action plan that develops actual programs stemming from the recommendations; and how to use impact, process and outcome evaluation for the programs that have been created.

In addition to a discussion of the seven steps, this course will examine a holistic, socio-environmental approach to workplace health by emphasizing: a) the personal resources of the employee (Psycho-social factors such as: self-efficacy, coping, empowerment, control, social support, quality of life issues), b) the environment (both physical and social - i.e. noise levels, relationship with superiors, power issues/gradients in the work environment, work schedules and their impact on health, deadlines and their impact on work, work organization, access to training, access to support, communication between different levels of the organization), c) health practices (voluntary activities that employees engage in that affect health).

This highly interactive course also investigates strategies that both management and employees can use to identify employee needs and work towards increasing organizational capacity within the context of today's workplace environment.
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