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Cannabis Processing Theory

Course Code CNBS-104
Course Name Cannabis Processing Theory
Category Business
Description Students will learn how to support the operations required at the end of cannabis plant growth cycle, including inventory control, advancing growth from seedling or cutting to the vegetative stage and ultimately the flowering stage. Students will compare different forms of pest control as well as learn essential skills, techniques and equipment required for harvesting cannabis including all the steps in a process flow, such as trimming, drying, and curing and packaging to ensure a clean, reliable final product. The CNBS 104 course should be taken simultaneously with Formulation of Cannabis Products (CNBS 105). Course Hours: 42
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801 $520.00 Fall 2022 2022-10-12 2022-12-14
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821 $520.00 Winter 2023 2023-01-09 2023-04-12
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