Not-For-Profit Compliance Programs CMGV-114

Course Code CMGV-114
Course Name Not-For-Profit Compliance Programs
Category Distance Learning
Description Future Elective - Details to Follow

This course will introduce the student to the unique characteristics and accountabilities
of nonprofit organizations and the environment in which they do their work. The student will be able to explain how the sector evolved throughout Canadian history and identify the stakeholders to whom the nonprofit can be accountable. The course will introduce the regulatory and legal framework in which nonprofits operate. The student will acquire board governance skills and explore the topics associated with nonprofit governance including authority, models of governance, functions, roles and responsibilities. The policy-making role will be covered in depth as the primary tool to ensure staff compliance with board direction and decision-­‐making. The course will be blended learning with four in-class sessions with the rest of the sessions online.

The student will learn and explore the following:

• The History and Evolution of Nonprofit Governance
• Introduction to Nonprofit Governance
• The Regulatory/Legal Framework
• Nonprofits and their Revenue Sources
• Approaches to Nonprofit Governance
• Governance Functions
• Financial Planning and Controls
• Managing Risk and Emergency Preparedness
• Board Member Recruitment and Development
• Managing Human Resources
• Effective Governance in Practice

Who should take this course?

Current or prospective board members of nonprofit organizations located in Ontario.
Executive Directors of nonprofit organizations will also benefit from the in depth exploration of the board's role contained in the course.
The course design assumes no previous knowledge of the topic area


• Prospective board members will become familiar with their future role and responsibilities
• Current or prospective board members that come from the private sector will familiarize themselves with the nonprofit sector, its organizational structure and culture
• Current board members can fill in knowledge gaps
• Current Executive Directors and prospective Executive Directors will become familiar and comfortable with the role of the board
• Students will explore the line between Executive Director's and the board's roles and responsibilities
• Staff entrusted with supporting the board will become knowledgeable about the unique role of the board in a nonprofit organization
Notes This course will be offered in a blended format. In-class sessions will be scheduled as follows:

NOTE: All in-class sessions will take place at our Eglinton Learning Site, from 9:00am-3:00pm.
The Eglinton Learning Site is located at 124 Eglinton Avenue West, 2nd Floor, Toronto

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