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Brand Design and Development

Course Code CG-345
Course Name Brand Design and Development
Category Media, Arts and Design
Description Brand Design and Development explores how business communication and corporate require a company's design to reflect the mission, corporate culture, image and goals of an organization.

It teaches that design must be marketable to bring awareness to a product or solution, ultimately generating a return on investment (ROI). This course fuses the strategies of marketing with the visual impact and consistency of corporate design, building multi-channel branding tools to create functional and targeted design solutions. Through real world examples, you will learn how to build a comprehensive brand by theoretical and practical means.

You will learn about price points, using typography to maximize communication, analyzing target audiences and how to market directly to target, test markets, corporate design consistency (print and web), advertising your brand (types of media vehicles), brand analysis in Web design and more.

You will also complete a series of projects that mimic tasks encountered in the real world such as logo fusion, creating a corporate stationary to match the logo, a branded print advertisement project and branded website layout.

At the conclusion of this course, you will:

• Understand how to integrate marketing concepts into design;
• Explore brand design in multi-channel environments;
• Understand how to build a graphic standard manual.
Notes Prerequisite: one of: Adobe Illustrator CG-005; Intro to Adobe InDesign CG-272, or equivalent
Required : A basic ($40-50) kit of materials to complete the course assignments - instructor will advise.
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