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Intro to Adobe InDesign

Course Code CG-272
Course Name Intro to Adobe InDesign
Category Media, Arts and Design
Description Intro to Adobe InDesign introduces the fundamentals of the powerful multi-featured page layout and design application, which allows you to create complex and editable multi-page documents. The software is often integrated with Illustrator and Photoshop in a single design environment.

Through this course, you will gain knowledge of setting up, designing, formatting, editing and delivering a complete editorial document for print and then making it interactive for online viewing. Each class provides you with the opportunity to learn a significant component of InDesign, as part of a large and realistic production job.

More specifically, the Intro to Adobe InDesign offering examines: the desktop work area, working with type and text, shortcut keys, formatting paragraphs using the paragraph palette, grids and guides, working with styles and style palettes, creating shadows and feathering, setting up pages and master pages, working with graphics, working with libraries and more.

Your mark in the class is based partially on class participation and attendance and partially on a series of in-class assignments. These assignments will include applying design effects to type and vectors, creating a dynamic cover design and creating a multi-page document with content. A final project will require you to complete an entire magazine.

Once you complete the course, you will:

• Know how to set up and manipulate a multi-page document;
• Be able to explore the powerful text and image editing features in InDesign;
• Understand how to create an interactive user experience in InDesign.
Notes Prerequisites: CG-005 Illustrator and CG-006 Photoshop and Image Processing or equivalent
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