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Graphic Design Fundamentals

Course Code CG-001
Course Name Graphic Design Fundamentals
Category Media, Arts and Design
Description Graphic Design Fundamentals offers you a foundation in the function and implementation of design and its elements.

You will begin the offering by learning that whether you are designing for print or Web environments, the message put forth must be consistent, targeted and coherent. You will explore design theories, disciplines and practices used in creating impactful and functional design solutions, and how they are all integrated to build a powerful message. Among them are the correct use of typography, theory and perception of colour, the dynamic use of space and contrast.

You will complete a series of in-class and take-home projects that provide realistic hands-on training. Assignments include: designing a typeface utilizing all the design principles of typography (size, weight, leading, kerning); designing three simple book covers using three different grids; conceiving and creating a full-colour, double-page magazine spread; designing a brochure using a unique fold design; designing a CD cover for an existing artist and more.

Once you complete this offering, you will be confident in:

• Designing in a web and print environment;
• Exploring design choices and best practices;
• Understanding how to solve design issues with viable solutions.

Please note: A basic ($40-$50) kit of materials will be required to complete Graphic Design Fundamentals assignments.
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