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TCP/IP and Other Internet Protocols

Course Code CETE-978
Course Name TCP/IP and Other Internet Protocols
Category Information Technology & Computers
Description In TCP/IP and Other Internet Protocols, you will take an in-depth look at the standardization process that ensures interoperability between competing systems on the Internet.

You will learn the inner workings of application level protocols such as SMTP, FTP and HTTP as well as the OSI reference model. You will explore how the TCP/IP Protocol Suite fits into the OSI model. And, lastly, you will examine each OSI layer through hands-on examples.

Lectures and demonstrations will lead you to complete a series of hands-on assignments: identifying manufacturers by OUI, configuring a network host, configuring a wide area network and applying a layer dialog.

TCP/IP and Other Internet Protocols will equip you with the ability to:

• Describe the OSI reference model;
• Compare TCP/IP and other networking specifications to the OSI model;
• Describe the standardization process;
• Discuss Ethernet, token ring and wireless networking;
• Describe IP routing;
• Calculate subnet masks;
• Create routing tables;
• Plan wide area networks;
• Describe ICMP, TCP and UDP;
• Develop access control lists;
• Handcraft and monitor SMTP and HTTP dialogs.
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