Forensics CETE-929

Course Code CETE-929
Course Name Forensics
Category Information Technology & Computers
Description The Forensics course explores this rapidly growing branch of network security.

As part of the wars on terrorism, organized crime and corporate corruption, forensics auditors are increasingly called on to preserve and examine evidence, to reconstruct a chain of events, and to recover data that intruders and white-collar criminals attempted to destroy or obfuscate. As such, you will learn how to use forensics to investigate corporate security incidents and to increase your personal privacy. The course will also explore how the methods used in forensics may be abused to gain unauthorized access to personal information.

Among topics, taught through hands-on assignments and an interactive discussion approach, are hidden data, exploiting accidental and unexpected disclosure, reliably preserving evidence, identifying evidence tampering, data recovery, identifying and eliminating false positives, establishing absolute proof, analyzing intrusion detection logs, and more.

Completing the Forensics course ensure you can:

• Understand the importance of preserving evidence following a security incident;
• Discuss methods of accurately preserving evidence following a security incident;
• Establish and maintain a chain of custody of evidence at judicial standards;
• Understand how evidence becomes contaminated during examination;
• Reconstruct a chain of events;
• Identify evidence tampering;
• Identify and recover hidden data;
• Discuss how effective evidence tampering is used to frame an innocent party;
• Discuss how errors in forensics result in prosecution of innocent parties;
• Understand the forensics threats to personal and corporate privacy.
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