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Introductory Network Security

Course Code CETE-208
Course Name Introductory Network Security
Category Information Technology & Computers
Description In Introductory Network Security you will explore the issues involved in planning, implementing and maintaining network security policies.

In addition to discussing the risks and benefits of different security strategies and acceptable use policies, you will also learn to think beyond the network and plan for the future. The course will include assignments and presentations to ensure that you are confident in the knowledge you will acquire.

Once you complete the Introductory Network Security course, you will be able to reliably:

• Discuss security models and defense strategies;
• Identify assets and assess risks to those assets;
• Develop a defense stance;
• Draft a top-level network security policy based on your defense stance;
• Draft an acceptable use policy;
• Understand the role of a firewall system in a comprehensive defense strategy;
• Discuss the limits of common security mechanisms;
• Discuss best practices for maintaining publicly accessible networks;
• Identify resources for network security information;
• Evaluate the need to establish and test incident response procedures and disaster recovery plans.
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