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Course Code CETD-105
Course Name Practicum
Category Teacher Trainer of Adults
Description A practicum is an essential part of training, providing the opportunity to observe teaching or training practice, plan and prepare for a live training experience and demonstrate training competency through a practice component.

During the observations in adult learning classes, you will analyze the methodologies used, teaching and classroom management techniques and the role of the teacher and students. Approximately 15 hours of classroom observation and 15 in-class hours are required for practice training, preparation for observation, live classroom demonstration and reflection on your live training experience.

In order to be successful in Practicum, you will complete observational and reflective journals, create lesson plans and write a reflective paper on your teaching experience. There will also be a supervisor observation evaluation.

This course will ensure you are able to:

• Critically assess teaching methods in an adult learning setting;
• Critique observation experiences in the form of a written journal;
• Prepare lesson plans and supporting materials for six hours of instruction;
• Teach classes in an adult learning setting;
• Self-assess teaching practice in the form of a written journal.
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